Future of Ecommerce According to Bill Gurley

Prominent VC BIll Gurley comments on the future of ecommerce at the Sailthru conference. In their words:

In this chat, Bill examines the future of ecommerce and provides his perspective on the future of the unicorn market, how “funnel reversal” is impacting marketer’s focus on google, and why retention is critical to profitability over acquisition’s hold on growth.

Worth watching this video if you’re thinking about your site, third party marketplaces and so-on.

Why Brand is Hard but also a Must

A very useful post from Shopify on ecommerce for anyone starting out makes a particularly acute reference to branding. They note:

Eric is right that creating a good brand makes people more loyal. When they know and trust your products, people start to care about your work. Once you build a following, you no longer have to compete on price. You probably want to be more than simply an internet reseller, or someone whose products can easily fit in on a shelf of Walmart.

This is crucial. Competing on price is probably as bad a strategy as one can follow online. Offline, it’s barely profitable but at least it’s not as vulnerable as it is online. So build a brand.