What is an Affiliate Network?

What makes affiliate marketing so attractive for beginners is that it’s easy to start an affiliate business with low budget. In affiliate marketing no time is being wasted creating products.

The number one goal is to make as much money as you could. All affiliates want to make money from their affiliate program, so you have to make sure that the affiliate program that you want to join will help you reach your financial goals.


Many affiliate programs show you how much money you can make when you join their affiliate program. In this example, you can make as much as $5,287 per month.

What is Affiliate Network?

Affiliate network is the home that all affiliate live in to make money online. It’s a platform that is necessary handles the relationship between affiliate and the advertisers. Because affiliate networks are the connecting technology between affiliates and advertisers, affiliate networks boast tools that affiliates need

Every affiliate network has some type of technology that increases the affiliate chances of making more money. Some features are made to show you high converting offers such as EPC or CTR. The goal here is to give you the most returns out of your traffic.

Clickbooth, for instance, has a technology that brings you only high performing offers, so you can make money with such high converting offers.

Affiliate networks also have affiliate tracking software, which is essential for affiliate to track their results. The network in order to be trustworthy must provide its affiliates with reliable tracking tool.

There are general and special types of affiliate networks: Clickbank and ExpediaAffiliateNetwork are both special affiliate networks. Clickbank is a network for digital products while EpediaAffiliateNetwork is travel based network.

Here are some interesting features you need to know before joining any affiliate program:

Make sure the affiliate tracking link is working

The first thing to be familiar with is link format. The tracking link as you should know is the link that connects the affiliate sales or other action you generate to you, so that you get paid for what you refer. This is why you should first look at the link format of the affiliate link and how to use it. Here are some examples of affiliate link formats for some affiliate networks:

The most important part of any affiliate link is the affiliate ID. As its name says, ID is your affiliate identity.

Clickbank – affiliate link format is http://AFFILIATE.VENDOR.hop.clickbank.net

Amazon – http://www.amazon.com/?tag=your_Associates_ID this link format requires you to insert your unique Amazon ID instead of this placeholder.

Now to get more practical, you might ask me, how to find the link format. A quick trick here is in the affiliate page. Let’s take an example for Clickbank here:

Here is the affiliate banner code. If you look in the href link format, you’ll find your affiliate link that is attached with affiliate banners. All you need to do here is to replace your affiliate ID and insert it in the right place.

Some affiliate networks only give you access to affiliate programs just after you become a member and your application gets accepted. In this case you have to first apply and in your control panel you can find the affiliate page and the link format that will track all the sales you make through a given affiliate program.

Commission Rate is Good but not Enough

Earning commission is like the price others have to pay to get the good. You get your commission and this is your own salary. The number of commission alone is not enough. Imagine you are promoting a product in a small market that you can’t get much from it.

In this case, you have to research the product category on Google Keyword Planner to see how much the demand in your industry is.

This allows you to increase the total sales and get many customers to buy from you. If you don’t reach a big market, you don’t make much money, or your sales potential will be limited.

By the same token, you should check the price of the items you’re going to promote. If you promote a $900 item, then you should expect higher income than promoting a $24 item. These basics are important so you can plan how much affiliate income you can expect.

How Effective is the Affiliate Program

Not all affiliate programs are the same. Some affiliate programs perform better than others. A good way to know how successful any affiliate program is is to monitor the EPC.

EPC shows you how many affiliates succeeded to earn commission from a given affiliate program. Many affiliate programs show you how their products perform to entice you to promote their program.

Promotional Aid

Don’t expect that if you’re totally a beginner affiliate that you won’t get any type of help. Nope, if you’re an affiliate you’ll get help from the affiliate manager of your chosen affiliate program.

Promotions you get take various forms here are some examples:

Banners – The basic promotional method for all affiliate programs is banner ad. Banners are visually attractive, and they communicate the message in interesting and concise way.

Banners allow you to promote affiliate programs in your blog, or other types of websites. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Email swipes – Swipes are successful templates that you need to convert more sales to your market. The swipes that you get from the affiliate program allow you to get promotional messages ready for the same market that you target. You need to create your messages on your own if you want to create effective message depending on your understanding to your mailing list, for example, or just make some editing in swipes you get from the affiliate program.


Warning: Make sure that all the banners and other promotions you receive include your affiliate ID. Some affiliate programs give you the banner link without including your affiliate ID so they can get free advertising and you get nothing.

You can always learn the basics of affiliate marketing from any good affiliate marketing course or from the tons of blog posts out there.

Always be open to try new things and be patient, as affiliate marketing is a long journey to making money online.

This was a guest post by Ibrahim Dahy of ClickBank – http://affset.com