Think Goods Plus Services

eBay has bought Ticketbis, an online tickets marketplace. Whilst this alone is relatively unremarkable – eBay has been doing lots of ‘bolt-on’ acquisitions for years, a particular quote in the release caught my attention

“In a world where the richest moments in life are becoming less about the things people have and more about the experiences they have to share, the acquisition of Ticketbis will allow us to connect millions more people with inspiring events,” said Scott Cutler, President of StubHub

Whether you buy into the ‘sharing-economy’ or not, what is not up for debate is the fact that more and more services are moving online. And this market is essentially orders of magnitudes larger than physical goods we typically associate with ecommerce.

What we’re seeing with Airbnb, Uber etc is probably the tip of the iceberg. The future of ecommerce is physical goods plus services.