Mars and Alibaba Group Launch Global Business Partnership

Elevating the Online Shopping Experience 

Mars Inc. one of the world’s largest food manufacturers recently announced an innovative strategic business partnership with the Alibaba Group, the world’s largest online and mobile e-commerce giant. Leveraging Alibaba’s comprehensive ecosystem, Mars are seeking to establish an integrated online and offline business model to more effectively serve their hundreds of millions of consumers in China.

A “One-Stop” Shopping Experience

Consumers will be able to enjoy a more convenient and international “one-stop” shopping experience. For the first time, all of Mars’ brands in China will be available online to consumers in its various Tmall flagship stores and to rural consumers through Taobao.No other e-commerce platform has the developed infrastructure in China that Alibaba can now boast. Mars seek to leverage Alibaba’s marketing services, physical infrastructure, mobile reach, big data and consumer insights in order to improve their engagement with consumers. This move is indicative of the continued growth of the e-commerce sector in the middle kingdom.


Before forming this official partnership, many Mars brands have already proved to be successful on Tmall. In April this year, Snickers and TFBoys, a popular boy band in China, worked together on a marketing campaign. In merely three days, they achieved almost the whole year’s sales of 2015. Based on targeted advertising with Alibaba’s big data analysis, the campaign enabled Mars to achieve an ROI which far surpassed the average of other brand campaigns in the ‘snack’ category on Tmall.

Enhancing E-Commerce Food Safety

Mars and Alibaba are partnering to create an e-commerce food safety program that benefits consumers and the broader consumer goods industry, through a collaboration with the Mars’ Global Food Safety Center (GFSC) in China.

Jet Jing, Vice President of Alibaba was very positive about this development; “Alibaba and Mars share a common commitment to improving safety standards, quality monitoring, and consumer awareness in China. With our combined strengths and resources, we are confident that we can elevate China’s consumption model in the era of big data, and deliver greater economic and social benefits to all stakeholders.”

China’s younger generation has become the driving force behind this unprecedented e-consumption. They now rely on e-commerce in hectic, modern China and place great value on the trustworthiness of the companies behind their brands and products. Mars meet their expectations by prioritizing product quality alongside their efforts to improve industry standards.

It is vital to engage with China in more developed ways, growing platforms such as Lendalocal are making it increasingly easy to connect with local Chinese translators and specialists in a whole host of different fields.

Benji is a specialist in e-commerce and digital marketing in China, for more information see his website and blog here.



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