Need to Sell Online? Try Facebook

Believe it or not, when you have an all powerful platform with millions of users (and billions in this case) you think you can do anything. Like Windows in the 90’s, Facebook is the platform of the moment and now they’re extending it further – this time into shopping. In their own words:

Marketers are challenged to reach their customers and drive sales on mobile. The majority of time spent on mobile is in apps, and people spend the majority of that time in just a handful of apps, including Facebook and Instagram.1 For people, the mobile shopping experience is often difficult to navigate. Customers can experience slow load times and too many steps on the way to checkout. This is bad for people and bad for marketers.

I would suggest this is something that actually they’ve been looking at for a while. Remember beacon? That ill-fated attempt to mix social and commerce? This is perhaps the second attempt and it’s probably a much better route i.e instead of mixing content and commerce, they’re essentially creating a marketplace like Amazon, eBay and so-on. So this should work; the question is, as a merchant should you use it?

Today we have two main platforms in the western ecommerce world; eBay and Amazon. Alibaba if you’re an Asia merchant. Those three have stood alone despite the rise of Pinterest, Wanelo etc that promise coveted direct traffic to your store and products. With Facebook, the question in my mind is; who owns the customer? If FB directs customers to your store this new initiative is in effect an advertising play. Intriguingly though, they tease more:

Over time we’ll explore incorporating additional content into this experience, such as items listed for sale in Facebook Groups.

This suggests they want to catalog inventory and act as a storefront themselves. Facebook could perhaps be the world’s largest store should they want it given the 1.3 billion plus people on the platform. Do they want that though?

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