Pure Play Ecommerce is Now Just Amazon

As Recode notes, on the back of Zulily’s acquisition by QVC, ecommerce is hard:

But the deal has not been received in a celebratory manner by the e-commerce industry at large because a lot of investors and entrepreneurs were hoping Zulily would prove so much more about how to fend off Amazon.

Literally, pure-play ecommerce is now just Amazon if we exclude marketplaces like Alibaba, Ebay and Rakuten. Has the boat sailed on pure-play B2C ecommerce? Perhaps, but maybe Xiaomi and others that remain online only or go direct to consumers can make it. Interesting to me are those etailers that are leveraging lean supply chains (read little to zero inventory). I think these type of companies can prove otherwise. What do you think?

Watch the space.

Netflix Going 100% Cloud

As the WSJ details, Netflix is moving to a 100% cloud-based server infrastructure:

“For our streaming business, we have been 100% cloud-based for customer facing systems for some time now, and are planning to completely retire our data centers later this summer,” the company said in an email to CIO Journal.

If a $152b market cap video and ecommerce company thinks this is the future, it’s probably worth taking note. (also makes going with that SAAS ecommerce platform something of a no brainer)