VC Funding

Entrepreneurs, whether in ecommerce or another sector consumer or otherwise, will at some point have to think about funding. This might not be day one if self-funded but inevitably, one must think about how to fund a growing company.

Putting aside the usual (and often best) sources like friends, family and so-on, venture capital is still the route most take. And the best place to raise funds? The US off-course:

vfIn many ways, funding your business from friends, family and later on, cash-flow is about as good a way as there is to grow a sustainable business. Nevertheless, raising money is often neccessary and as the above shows, the US is the place to go.

Source: Dow Jones VentureSource

Three Reasons Physical Stores Exist Today

Business Insider talks about why Amazon might venture into physical retail and nail it when they say:

Firstly, Amazon doesn’t have anywhere to express its brand or showcase its products. When it was a huge marketplace for other people’s merchandise that wasn’t such a problem but as it has moved into its own branded consumer electronics the need to demonstrate its range has become more crucial, especially as a means of brand-building.


Secondly, the RadioShack outlets would provide Amazon with a ready-made and extensive national infrastructure for collection and returns, or even act as a distribution point enabling the speedier delivery of goods to local customers, a service the company has recently launched from a new site in Manhattan.

One can say it comes down to three things; showing off your products, showing off your brand and receiving returns. It could be argued that much of the footprint of physical retail today is not profitable but for the reasons above (among others) physical retail is not going to go away.

Source: Business Insider