Social Network Marketing Reality

Finally Forrester analyst Nate Elliot’s post and paper on social network marketing has brought attention to the fact that relying on social networks alone to market your business is a mistake. The sad fact is that many believe in today’s world – especially ecommerce only retailers – think they can grow on the back of a Facebook Ad or a Tweet alone.

As Elliot puts it:

It’s not as if marketers could count on much organic reach or engagement anyway. Ogilvy reported that in February 2014 large brands’ Facebook posts reached just 2% of their fans (a number that was falling by .5% per month). And earlier this year a Forrester study showed that on average, only .07% of top brands’ Facebook fans interact with each of their posts. But Facebook’s latest announcement will certainly make matters worse.

Many folks have known for some-time this is the case; maybe some will explore other ways of marketing your website or business online like paid ads, seo, email marketing etc.

One thought on “Social Network Marketing Reality

  1. The problem with most online platforms is that conversions are very low. Brands spend a lot of time and money for clicks that don’t turn into sales, because of too many clicks until purchase, or because of weak targeting to begin with. The best way to achieve high conversions is to get in front of a highly targeted audience, and to make the journey from initial click to purchase as condensed as possible. While the concept of shoppable images has gained traction recently, most online platforms haven’t managed to do this without manual linking, accuracy issues or re-directs. One new platform called FAPL – for the fashion vertical – does have pre-completion suggestive product search, which allows anyone who shares a photo or video to quickly and accurately identify the items worn in the look. Users tap into a look to see exactly what’s in it, along with product details and pricing. And, in-app shopping lets shoppers make a purchase with only one tap. Your brand can use it for free – here’s the link:

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