Diapers.com Founder Announces Jet.com

An interesting post this morning from Marc Lore, a co-founder of Diapers.com, gives us more details on his plans for Jet.com. Lore founded parent company Quidsi – housing a string of other ecommerce websites – all of which were notable for innovative user experiences and back-end systems including use of Kiva Systems robots. Lore notes on his blog:

In retail, e-commerce brands have fundamentally altered the way people shop – putting more power in consumers’ hands through democratizing tools like price comparisons, ratings and reviews. But there is still more work to be done if we are to truly to live up to our stated ideals of greater transparency and customer empowerment. We have to ask ourselves: What are the hidden costs in e-commerce? Are there aspects of e-commerce that don’t make sense? And most importantly, how do we expose these inefficiencies and empower customers to eliminate them?

Some interesting questions and no doubt Jet will probably not be your typical desktop type ecommerce site given the calibre of the folks they have plus how much ecommerce has moved on since Diapers.com was founded.

The question, and the elephant in the room is off course Amazon, who after-all purchased Quidsi after intense competition against the company. Jet will be up against it, especially as we learnt this week that Amazon is outspending everyone when it comes to search advertising. Maybe Jet can compete in different ways? If you were starting an ecommerce business today, how would you compete?

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